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About Us

Ag-Vantage, Inc. is a family owned business that was established in 2003 by Jeff and Dena Jarolimek.  Ag-Vantage, Inc. was started with the goal to provide high quality farm implements designed with strength and durability to meet agriculture’s ever evolving needs.  Ag-Vantage has been designing and manufacturing products to help prevent runoff and conserve water resources through innovative designs and applications.

Ag-Vantage, Inc. is the “Home of the Culti-Diker”; the first innovative product for water conservation that utilizes existing farm implements.    The Culti-Diker can be mounted onto grain drills, cultivators, planters, and various tool bars.  The Culti-Diker allows water retaining pockets to be formed with every pass through the field.

Several years later Ag-Vantage came out with a larger version of the Culti-Diker – the Culti-Diker MAX.  The Culti-Diker MAX was designed for extreme water conservation requirements by forming deeper water retaining pockets capable of holding up to 3 gallons of water.

Over the years, we have added Track Fillers, Roller Harrows, Rolling Shields, and many other custom products to our lineup.  Here at Ag-Vantage we are always ready to help solve your water conservation challenges with innovative equipment engineering.

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