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The Culti-Diker helps prevent runoff during the early growing season, which will help you produce the best possible crop.  The Culti-Diker forms small, precise water retaining pockets, which are large enough to catch moderate amounts of water, but small enough not to interfere with future field operations.

The Culti-Diker is a medium duty water conservation tool designed to be mounted directly onto existing equipment.  The Culti-Diker can be mounted onto row crop cultivators, planters, grain drills, and various tool bars.  The Culti-Diker saves you time and money by eliminating multiple field passes.   Often the units can be switched from one piece of equipment to another, thus making your capital investment more cost effective.

The Culti-Diker units float independently of the implement and each other to maintain constant contact with the field contours.  They incorporate a single down pressure spring to help form deep water retaining pockets up to 8 inches deep, depending on soil conditions and implement.  The Culti-Diker has many mounting options available, plus several extension kits for trouble-free mounting to grain drills.

New in 2018, the Culti-Diker NX.  Improves water absorption by forming water catching pockets.  Simple 4 paddle design that allows you to change to different paddle widths to meet your needs - 3", 4", & 6".  Narrow 3 inch paddle allows mounting to row crop planters between planter units.  Plus we offer mounting brackets to allow for easy mounting to main 7 x 7 tool bar on planters.  4 inch paddle works best on grain drills and cultivators to form moderate sized water catching pockets.  6 inch paddle forms larger pockets for better water penetration when used for final water conservation pass.

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